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  Mountain summer as far as the eye can see

Tourist locations with a variety of offers, Styrian hospitality and their own charisma

The magnificent limestone walls of the glaciated Dachstein and the countless peaks and 300 mountain lakes of the Schladminger Tauern are a paradise for active vacationers : 1,000 km of hiking trails, 500 km of cycling and mountain bike trails, 40 running and Nordic walking routes, 4 golf courses and 8 via ferratas on the Dachstein South walls. Rafting, canyoning, archery and paragliding are also offered.  

Guided hikes and climbing ...

Information hour at the Ramsau mountain guide office

Climbing day in the climbing garden

Kids climbing

3 days active in the mountains

Ascent of the Hoher Dachstein summit

Ascent of the Dachstein Tauern summit

Simonyscharte glacier tour

Pleasure climbing in the 3rd degree of difficulty

Ramsau via ferrata - Scheichenspitz

Via ferrata Irg

Via ferrata Johann

Mountain hike Dachstein Tauern

Cave tour into the Dachsteinloch

Silberkar - youth via ferrata

Kali - climb

Via ferrata tour for beginners

Trial climbing in the climbing hall

Guided glacier hike

Bible walks

Ramsau am Dachstein

Event highlights summer 2020

Events, events and highlights

in the Schladming-Dachstein holiday region

  Sports events at:

The source of your strength in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps

Ramsau am Dachstein is a place where Olympic and world champions recharge their batteries with energy and fitness in order to be able to perform at their best. - Because Ramsau am Dachstein is the right place to strengthen body, mind and soul….

Ramsau am Dachstein is an 18 kilometers wide, 4 kilometers wide, south-facing high plateau (1,000-1,300 m) with wide planed areas. The place is balcony-like around 400 meters above the Ennstal and is a typical scattered settlement with several districts. It offers a balanced accommodation structure with 3 to 4 * hotels, inns, guest houses, private rooms, apartments / holiday homes, farms, two campsites and shelters, all of which are run as family businesses.

The wonderful alpine pasture area (1,600-1,900 m) at the foot of the Dachstein south walls offers many circular hiking opportunities, wonderful viewpoints and numerous mountain huts. It is also an ideal spring ski area with panoramic slopes and a ski run on the Ramsau plateau.

Wonderful landscapes and well-groomed trails invite you to a very special winter pleasure at the foot of the Dachstein in the neighboring village of Schladming. Ramsau am Dachstein is the top destination for cross-country skiing in Austria : Get on the trails on which the Nordic World Championships took place in 1999 and Alois Stadlober, Christian Hoffmann, Markus Gandler and Mikhail Botvinov won the gold medal with the Austrian relay.

The 220 km network of cross-country ski trails in Ramsau am Dachstein in Styria at an altitude of 1,100 to 2,700 m and in all levels of difficulty offers the best conditions for both pleasure skiers and top athletes. A highlight is the night trail in the cross-country skiing stadium in Ramsau Ort, which is illuminated daily until 9 p.m. Another service is the children's cross-country skiing park, which introduces the little ones to cross-country skiing in a playful way.

Overhanging cliffs, truly impressive steep walls, breathtaking views over the Ennstal with Schladming, the mighty Dachstein, bursting with strength and protective at the same time: All of this is offered by the number 1 via ferrata area in Austria on the Dachstein. 19 wonderful via ferratas and tours are located on the southern side of the highest mountain in Styria and can be tackled from Ramsau am Dachstein. As a reward, the climbers expect extreme views on the Dachstein: in the north to the Czech Republic or to the Slovenian Triglav Mountains in the south.

The Ramsau am Dachstein ski region promises an unforgettable ski holiday between the Dachstein and the Schladming 4-mountain ski area with the "sunniest ski meadows in Austria", varied slopes and rustic, cozy huts. The Ramsau ski region is characterized by its family-friendly offers and fairytale magic on the slopes. The family-friendly ski area with the Rittisberg offers winter sports enthusiasts a total of 16 lifts on the Ramsau high plateau and on the snow-sure Dachstein glacier.

Events - entertainment ...

Welcome meeting with a local tour

Slide show Zauberberg Dachstein

Hut evening

Campfire party

Mill tour

Regular guest honor

Farmers and handicraft market

Star cinema

Cabaret on the lake

Gsunga Poscht and Gred`t

Mountain shoe market

flea market

Wine tasting

On the Dachstein Glacier you will find what is probably the widest range of offers in the entire Alpine region:

The attraction on the Dachstein is the "Dachstein Sky Walk" viewing platform ... a 360-degree panoramic view lets the visitor's eye wander from Slovenia in the south to the Czech Republic in the north ... The Dachstein Sky Walk is worth a trip at any time of the year! On a clear day, the view extends from the spectacular viewing platform on the Dachstein in the south to the Slovenian Triglav Mountains, in the north to the Bohemian Forest.

Experience unique outlooks and depths. Maybe with a somewhat queasy feeling in the stomach area, but after the first steps this is immediately forgotten, because safety is the top priority at the Dachstein. Visiting the Dachstein Sky Walk is absolutely safe. The steel construction with a weight of 40 tons defies wind speeds of up to 210 km / h, is able to carry 8m of snow and holds 150 people.

In addition to the viewing platform, a circular route around the mountain station of the Dachstein Gletscherbahn awaits you. This offers you views of the impressive south face of the Dachstein and the most beautiful peaks in the Alps. Comfortable beach chairs also invite you to linger, sunbathe and have a snack.

Dachstein Sky Walk

The glass plate in the Sky Walk floor guarantees an incomparable view out and down. If you look down from the "Sky Walk" through the built-in plexiglass floor, you will definitely be impressed. It is even more impressive when, at the same time, a few extreme via ferrata climbers climb the "Sky Walk via ferrata" , which was completed at the beginning of July 2006. Because the new sport via ferrata leads almost in the fall line of the "Sky Walk", incredibly exposed and spectacular, directly to the mountain station and thus in the immediate vicinity of the public.


Dachstein Ice Palace - dive into the interior of the glacier

Immerse yourself in the depths of the Dachstein glacier! This is possible in the new »Dachstein
Ice Palace «. The attraction, which is unique in Austria, has its gates open to visitors every day and leads you directly into the interior of the glacier - just a three-minute walk from the Dachstein mountain station, all year round and in all weathers. On a tour deep in the glacier, which also contains many generous niches, visitors discover attractions such as the “Throne Room”, the “Crystal Dome” or the “Blue Salon”. The impressive column portal and the detailed decorations were carved out of the glacier ice by Chinese ice artists in weeks of work.

Dachstein Ice Palace

Go nowhere - on the Dachstein Glacier

A real highlight awaits you on the Dachstein - 14 narrow steps lead you down to a glass platform at a dizzying height. Whoever steps on these stairs stands directly in the rock face 400m above the foot of the wall.

The "stairway to nowhere" was completed in July 2013 and is now directly connected to the suspension bridge. The total weight of the stairs is 5 tons.

So that the construction phenomenon of the suspension bridge and the “stairs to nowhere” could be made possible, 58 mm thick steel cables, 63 tons of steel, 6 km of welded seams and concrete, which was transported with snow groomers, were used.

If you dare to take the “stairs to nowhere”, your courage will finally be rewarded with an unbelievable all-round view of the surrounding mountains. It offers space for a maximum of 4 people.

Stairs to nothing

Thrill with a view

The Dachstein suspension bridge promises "thrills with a view", which with the "stairway to nowhere" provides breathtaking views deep and wide.

Austria's highest suspension bridge with a connection to the Dachstein Ice Palace is an attraction that should not be missed. If you dare to climb the suspension bridge, you will find a depth of about 400 m under your feet. An impressive mountain panorama in front of you and the view of the rocks of the Dachstein mountain range below you ensure breathtaking moments.

The inspection of the approximately 1 m wide and 100 m long bridge may turn out to be a little test of courage for some. But the 1.3 m high railing and steel ropes ensure absolute safety high in the air.

The suspension bridge can withstand winds of up to 250 km / h, can carry loads of up to 750 kilograms per square meter of snow and has a gradient of 12 percent.

When building this structure, 30,000 individual parts had to be assembled high in the air. A total of 63 tons of steel were used.

At the other end of the suspension bridge, you have the opportunity to venture onto the "stairs into nowhere", where you have the unique feeling of floating freely in the air and still being safe. Experience the roof tile from its most beautiful and exciting side. After the high altitude adventure, you can also enjoy a visit to the Ice Palace.

Dachstein suspension bridge

Dachstein panorama restaurant

Tip: Experience the fascinating natural spectacle of sunrise and sunset, when the Dachstein is bathed in the deep red of the dawn or the glowing red of the evening.

Breakfast coffee with glacier ice
The popular
“sunrise breakfast” on the Dachstein is back on the program: early in the morning take the Dachstein cable car to the gondola, enjoy the sunrise and then fortify yourself for a “Dachstein day”. Registration is essential

During the day, float on the Dachstein panorama gondola on the glacier, watch the sun go down and then end the day in the glacier restaurant with a tasty fondue with a salad buffet and a cozy atmosphere with music.

The "sunset evening" is just the thing for romantic excursions.

(Dachstein cash desk, Tel. 03687 / 22042-800 or

A glacier walk in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage or a visit to the highest panorama restaurant in Styria round off a wonderful day out on the roof of Styria.

Important note:
Especially in the summer months, our offer on the Dachstein Glacier is heavily dependent on the weather and snow conditions. In the situation report you will find daily updated information about snow and weather, slopes and lifts, cross-country trails and the additional offers on the Dachstein glacier!

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